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Why should you use Prompt Advise?

Prompt Advise is for any one to make requests to AI (ChatGPT) effectively using our inbuilt prompts

Prompts For Content Creation
  • Amazing Prompts
  • Marketing Prompts
  • Content Tools Prompts
  • Answer The People Prompts
  • Fun Prompts
Prompts For Images
  • Vibes Prompts
  • Photography Prompts
  • Lighting Prompts
  • Illustration Prompts

🤦Overcome Writers Block

If you are struggling to create content,

👉You should use Prompt Advise

🪄Easy, Simple & Fast!

Prompt Advise is easy to setup with a clean and simple user interface. You can increase your content generation velocity... Fasttt!!

⏲️Save Your Time

Remember this acronym:

"GIGO - Garbage In, Garbage Out"

AI works based on your input

Don't waste time sending garbage inputs

Use our wide variety of prompts

Use them and save your valuable time

💰Save Money

Apart from a low monthly subscription

you only pay for what you use

🏗️Build On Existing Prompts

In creating a prompt, you don't need to start from scratch. Use our collection of existing prompts and build on them

🤝API Connect to ChatGPT

Using Prompt Advise, you connect to ChatGPT through OpneAI API. This way, you avoid issues such as connection issues etc.

When you sign up for access to this software, you will receive 100's of prompts covering various niches so you can explode your content creation capacity easily!

Prompt Advise Sales Funnel

50% Commission Across The Board

We took care to optimize the funnel for maximum conversions and are continue to polish and update the sales copy..

So, Jump On Board Now!

See For Yourself!

In these videos, I'm pulling back the curtain on Prompt Advise to show you

How easily and quickly you can create engaging content


Example of Crafting Content For a DIY Project In Seconds using Prompt Advise!


See How I Generate 40 Product Launch Keywords Including Long-Tail And High-Performing Keywords (and You Can Too) Easily!


Beautiful Blog Post: Using Content Prompt for Blog Post Quickly

The generated post is around 1200 words. (You can change the word count). You get SEO Meta Description (Used by Search engines such as Google to when they show your webisite on their search results!)


Widen Your Horizon On Any Niche, Keyword or Topic

Generate, How, What, When, Who and Content Starting with A-Z on any niche, keyword or topic.


Overview of Available Image Prompts

You get image prompts for Vibes, Photography, Lighting, Film and Illustration with multiple choices to choose from each one of them.


Generate Photographic Images Easily!


Generate Print On Demand "Catchy" Phrases and Images in SECONDS!!

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Product Box

Artificial Intelligence Prompts - AI Prompts

Use Prompt Advise To Boost Email Deliverability So You Can Get More Conversions!

Step 2 Details

Quick & Easy Way To Generate Unique Emails

Use following prompt to rewrite the email copy

>> rewrite the following email copy in a professional tone:

Replace "professional" with, friendly, convincing, formal, informational, persuasive, witty, professional, neutral, inspirational etc

Step 3 Details

Better way to generate Unique content

Use the following prompt

>> A company named Prompt Advise has created a new Saas software for AI Prompts. Prompt Advise has amazing prompts for content creation, marketing, image prompts for vibes, photography, lighting, film, illustration etc. They are offering 30 days FREE Trial during this launch. Write an inspirational email to promote this superb limited life time offer.

Email Subjects

Email Subjects

1. "Think outside the inbox with AI prompts"
2. "Unlock your creativity with AI-powered software"
3. "The easiest way to write compelling copy"
4. "Revolutionize your writing with AI prompts"
5. "Stop writer's block in its tracks with AI"
6. "Transform your content creation process"
7. "AI-powered writing made simple"
8. "Say goodbye to boring copy forever"
9. "Elevate your writing game with AI"
10. "Write like a pro with AI technology"

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Prompt Advise is offering a 30 days FREE Trial during our beta launch. This is a rare opportunity to have access to cutting-edge technology that can make content creation more efficient and effective than ever before.

This is a deal you cannot afford to miss. Simply sign up during the beta launch period, and you will receive the discount for the lifetime of your subscription. This means that you will continue to save money as long as you use Prompt Advise.

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Here are some of the key features of PromptAdvise:

- AI-powered prompts that provide inspiration and guidance for content creation
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In today's fast-paced digital world, where competition is fierce, Promp tAdvise offers the perfect solution to make your content and marketing stand out. It's simple, efficient, and has the power to transform your creative process. Imagine the time you could save, the ideas you could generate, and the impact you could create with this solution.

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